Live Stage Performance from The Story Of Guitar Heroes

Live Stage Performance from The Story Of Guitar Heroes



The Story Of Guitar Heroes will be performing on The Live Stage Sunday 26th February 2017



Touring the UK for over 3 years, this unique show has become widely known by Theatre and Concert Hall audiences. It’s popularity has expanded considerably in this time and is well supported by many musicians across the country and abroad.

With over 20 guitars used on stage, the show accurately recreates the sound and ambiance of ‘guitar heroes’ such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin, Brian May, Slash and many more.

This live concert style ‘rockumentry’ is performed by renowned musician: Phil Walker, and his exceptional band who include Toby James, Paul Francis and Kristian Dluzewski.

The show uniquely takes the audience on a journey through the major cornerstones in its history – from the 1950’s, when the first legends of the Rock ‘n’ Roll era took the daring first steps into a new area of music, through to the most creative and inspirational modern guitar heroes of today.

This provides a rich and diverse experience by producing many different genres of music and showcasing a great deal of variety, sounds and styles.

Compounded in a creative and powerful experience this show not only appeals to all those budding guitar heroes out there, but to music lovers of all ages.