Vigier Guitars


The electric guitar and bass market is a particularly traditional and conservative environment. It seems that the marketing division of some brands tends to take precedence over research and development. Vigier does not fall into this category.

For Patrice Vigier nothing is ever perfect. Nothing is ever complete or final. Since he started building guitars, Patrice has never stopped looking for and inventing technological solutions to problems facing musicians.Technology is not an end to itself, though. We see it as a way to overcome mechanical problems in order to allow musicians to focus solely on music.

Technology for musicality. The ease of playing a guitar, is primarily a story of pedigree. 30 years of research have enabled us to find the original technical solutions to offer what we think are the best instruments in the world.

Vigier guitars and basses are not necessarily monsters of futuristic technologies. They are designed and manufactured entirely in our factory with an approach similar to the traditional craft of violin making. Raw logs to finished instruments, each step is performed by hand with great care. Vigier guitars are instruments that are the result of a subtle alliance between an ancestral know-how and modern technology.

In a globalized economy obsessed with the search for ever lower costs, designing and manufacturing instruments in France with French wood is a foolish bet.

The Japanese maker K. Yairi says it is a crime against nature to manufacture instruments of poor quality, as if it were disposable as found in a lot of places in our market. We subscribe to the same approach and only want to produce instruments that last. We want to always maintain control over the entire production chain, which is why we have always rejected any ideas of relocation or off-site production.