Taurus Amplification






Designed by musicians for musicians

Taurus products are designed and hand crafted in our facility based out of Sopot, Poland. For the past 35 years, it’s been our philosophy to provide you with the best fully professional musical gear.

Adam Kozakiewicz, founder of Taurus Amplification, musician, sound and electronic engineer is spreading his passion and dedication to music and technology on all of us.

Discover the unique features of Taurus.

The “MLO” (Mid Level Optimization) is Taurus proprietary system allowing for an easy, intuitive and extremely comfortable optimization of the overall sound of the bass guitar.

The MLO System provides all new possibilities. It ensures most accurate proportion of medium frequencies in accordance of your manual settings of bass and trebles. This very intuitive and logical system supports musician’s choice for most desirable sound.

In addition, the MLO equalizer ensures virtually no change in overall volume while changing the bass frequencies. Unlike most of the standard amps, adjusting bass frequency the musician notices change of the sound not the volume.