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Sonuus — Music Products Designed in the UK

sonuus is a modern, innovative brand created by a talented team of guitar-playing engineers with decades of experience developing professional musical products (both hardware and software) for several well-known, world-leading music brands.


Based in the UK and established to develop and exploit new technologies to create desirable, innovative, products at sensible prices, sonuus is focussed on providing musicians with new solutions that are better, simpler, or offer more value than anything else available on the market today.

But great products are only one half of the story. sonuus pride themselves on customer support that is second to none with attentive support direct from the founders, engineers and key distribution partners. So when you buy a sonuus product, you get more than an innovative gadget: you enter the sonuus-sphere and join other like-minded musicians from students to A-list rock stars.


One of our key technologies is our proprietary pitch-detection algorithms for fast, accurate instrument tuning and low-latency, highly robust pitch-to-MIDI conversion. Proven in several third-party products over the last decade, this technology has enabled a new era in music products. The G2M, leverages this technology to provide a simple but versatile way to MIDI-enable any electric guitar and the B2M extends this to support the lowest notes of bass guitars. The i2M musicport combines the technology of the G2M and B2M to create a versatile product capable of converting any musical instrument’s sound to MIDI. Connected by USB, it defines a new way to connect musical instruments to computers.

The Wahoo extends our vision to create superior innovative products for guitarists and bassists: the most advanced wah/filter stomp-box on the planet! The Wahoo redefines the wah pedal for the 21st century. Our product roadmap includes plans for other innovative pitch-to-MIDI products, for an entirely new class of musical instrument tuners combining our proven pitch-measurement expertise and other patented technologies, and for other exciting musical effects.

The future looks bright for sonuus