Sabre Guitars


I’ve been making electric guitars since I was 13 years old when I built my first instrument – a headless bass, at my school workshop. From that moment I was hooked. As owner of Sabre Guitars I design and build the entire range of instruments and custom hardware personally. I’m entirely self taught and still young which I’ve always felt was an advantage because as a perfectionist I always strive to improve whilst being constantly reminded that I’m still learning every day. Of course inevitably sometimes as a creative person in this situation my ideas overstretch my ability but its these challenges that force me to improve and keep learning new techniques, new skills and ultimately make sure that every instrument which leaves my workshop is as good as it possibly could be. Click on the links below for details on how I build my instruments.

Sabre was started in 2009 after my wife Sam and I moved from London up to Cambridge. I’d become more and more disillusioned by falling standards and increasing prices within the mainstream guitar industry and felt that there was a real need for a return to the principles of good luthiery that wasn’t simply driven by profit but by passion for the instruments as an end in themselves.