Patrick James Eggle Guitars


Patrick James Eggle built his first guitar at the age of fifteen as a school project. By the time it was complete, he was already dissatisfied with the results and decided to pull it apart and start again from scratch. So started a lifelong obsession.

In the 30 years since, Patrick has gained wide experience of designing, building and repairing all types and styles of guitar. In the early nineties he ran guitar production at the company in Coventry, England, which also bore his name.

By 1994, the work of organizing large scale production of solid body guitars, had lost its appeal and he left the company to work alone, filling his time with repairs and building bespoke stringed instruments.

Patrick was already well known in America for his hand built archtop and electric guitars, but was beginning to concentrate solely on designing flat top acoustic models. With this in mind Patrick, his wife and young sons moved to a new home and workshops in the mountains of North Carolina to be closer to the spiritual home of the acoustic guitar.

Whilst there he quickly gained a reputation for uncompromising quality and tasteful design, consequently forming partnerships with some of the finest guitar shops in the US along with forging great relationships with like-minded musicians and luthiers.

Patrick and the family returned to England in 2005 and opened new purpose built workshops in Oswestry. All design and production is now completed in this beautiful area of Shropshire and the results are shipped to guitar aficionados, collectors and players throughout the world.

His commitment to producing guitars of the very highest quality and playability is greater than ever. He just doesn’t pull them apart anymore – well…not too often.