Ortega Guitars



– Our brandnew Ortega TourPlayer series:
Revolutionary electric nylon string guitar designed for live performances, delivering the authentic warmth and resonance of a nylon string guitar while eliminating feedback issues. Explore a world of sound possibilities you never thought possible on a nylon guitar. The TourPlayer combines the beauty of nylon strings with the power and thrill of an electric guitar, offering innovation at its finest.

– Ortega Guitars is celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2024. For this reason we have released a collection of exquisite instruments (limited) for this year. The 30th anniversary series include nylonstring guitars, ukuleles and also Kalmibas. The whole collection will be showcased on The Guitar Show.

Resonator Guitars from our Amerciana series. Our artist, Daniel Kemish is playing the Ortega RRG30E-WB parlour body guitar. Here you can find further information and materials about Daniel:

Daniel Kemish:
Daniel Kemish has been a touring artist since 2015 averaging 150 shows a year across the World. A true troubadour with stories that bring his travels to life, along with a night you’ll remember for life. Daniel is a natural frontman, with a voice that ranges between a husky croon and the emotive balladeer, Daniel delivers a gorgeous soulful solo number.