Maybury Guitars


Hand-built guitars, made in Surrey, England

Calling on the classic influences of the 50s and 60s, the guitars are both nostalgic yet different and as each guitar is individually built, the guitars are as unique as the people that own and play them.

Maybury Guitars offer a unique collaboration experience between luthier and customer that results in a bespoke handcrafted electric guitar.

Based in Surrey but working with customers worldwide, Maybury Guitars excels in creating one-off guitars that reflect Maybury’s ethos of wood, tone and nostalgia.

Commission builds allow customers to choose the woods, hardware such as tuners and pickups, as well as the finish, body style and scale length.

Part of the magic of working with Maybury’s Luthier is that they are as invested and driven to build your dream guitar as you are to see it come to fruition.