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Manson Guitar Works is the creative facility from internationally renowned luthier Hugh Manson. For over four decades Hugh has produced world class premium quality guitars for some of the most respected guitar greats, combining traditional luthier skills with genuinely new and exciting technology developments. Manson Guitar Works allows musicians to express themselves like never before. Our MIDI controlled Matthew Bellamy signature guitars, multi stringed bass guitars for John Paul Jones and countless one-off creations for musicians who are not afraid to play outside the comfort zone have resulted in a great demand for Manson products. Previously only available as individual commissions, the Manson Guitar Works aims to bridge that difficult area between full scale production and a genuine hands-on luthier approach, offering you a unique instrument, built with attention to detail, pride and individual service. Our years in the industry and a client list that includes Muse, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, Dave Grohl, The Stranglers, Biffy Clyro, Hurts, Nero, Metallica, Jethro Tull and dozens more legendary players is something we look forward to sharing with you at The Guitar Show 2015.