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Madison and Fifth – Exhibitor info


Madison and Fifth are distributors of professional products for the performing musician. Our passion? Professional products solving real issues – so you can concentrate on your performance, not worry about your gear.

For the Guitar Show 2016 we will be showcasing our entire brand catalogue – from hand-crafted guitar & bass effects pedals, through innovative guitar vibratos to the best line-up of guitar picks we’ve ever found. Here are all the brands – from guitar to backline – you’ll be able to get hands-on with.

Stetsbar Tremolo Systems – Since 2002 the non-invasive retrofit vibrato system for most popular guitar makes, smooth, light with an octave plus range.

Super-Vee Tremolos – The drop in replacement for standard Strat trem units.

LOXX Strap Locks – The modern fail-safe alternative. Easy one hand action, low profile and capable of withstanding a pull force of 200 lbs.

Acoustic Strap Secure – Onboard pickup? This little wonder fully secures the guitar strap on an acoustic guitar’s output jack end pin.

Lute Hole Company – Solid wood, beautifully crafted feedback buster for acoustic guitars.

The Rock Slide – High quality, cleverly designed pro guitar slides in brass and glass with interior taper and cutaways.

V-Picks – A massive range of guitar picks from 0.8mm to 11mm thick as used by Carlos Santana, Billy F Gibbons, Walter Becker, Elliott Randall, Stu Hamm and more.

Nemphasis Effects Pedals and Power – Hand built, all analogue, true bypass effects pedals for guitar and bass backed by some of the best power supplies available.

Charlie’s Pedal Boards – Robust, lightweight pedalboards with an innovative ‘step’ design and multiple cable ports.

PedalSnake – Professional, adaptable multi-core cabling system to run signal, MIDI and low voltage power to and from the pedalboard to the backline.

Wishbone Workshop – The ‘Hook’ – the small, light-weight way to attach your mics to cabs, stacks and combos.

Guitar Head Pillow – And after you’ve played the life out of your guitar this adaptable little cushioned rest will help you safely re-string, clean and maintain your best stage friend.