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jjoye guitars

I don’t remember when exactly i did my first guitar, I only remember where i twas. A small workshop, a place full of wood scent where imagination, savoir-faire and tools turn wood into musical instruments. After years of guenine work my first guitar collection is now on tour.

Rock’n’roll leads the way. That’s the rule!

Every guitar model is designed with a specific feel. Not only a guitar but a trip, a step trough fantastic rock’n’roll story. Think about the early days back in the faboulus 50’s ,the first rock’n’roll records, the foolish pop decade in the 60’s, the rise of hard rock in the 70’s. Different times, different sounds , but still rock’n’roll.

Secret of tone ? Each guitar is unique, crafted by skilled workers. From wood selection to final settings, every single step is meticulously done for the next rock’n’roll star.

This could happen to you. Let’s plug the guitar and take part to the trip.


                                                                                                                Designer & company owner