Gartone Amps



Gartone Amps make premium quality boutique valve amplifiers for guitar, all individually handbuilt in the UK. Based in Manchester, we have been established for over 15 years, selling worldwide to every type of player from pro to enthusiast.


Every Gartone amplifier is entirely handmade using only the finest components, and over the years we have built a reputation amongst players for quality, reliability, service and above all great tone.


By only selling direct to the customer, we are able to offer boutique quality and service at prices similar to the high street.


This year we’ll be showcasing the new 2020 models. The Bluesman 10w and 20w combos feature original circuits and styling that are vintage inspired, and the exciting Pento Sonic combo has independent pentode (EF86) and triode (12AX7) channels in an original circuit design that covers just about every style of music.


We’ll also have the highly popular Ace and Jewel combos, plus a special deal on the last available Pento Sonic head (see the For Sale page on the website). This is similar to the new combo model, but with extra features on the pentode channel and upgraded transformers. A matching 1×12 speaker cabinet is also available.


You can try all the amps at the show, and all will be available for sale on the day at special show only prices. You can also order any amp from our range and place a £100 deposit to qualify for the show discount.


For more details, sound clips and reviews please visit our website.