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Welcome to the online store for Fretfunk®, the brand and public face of Fretfunk Limited.

We have always been passionate about music and guitar playing and so we decided to create a business that incorporated this passion with our other strength of product development.  It really excites us to create products that you can’t get from anywhere else, and which no-one else has thought of.

We are based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and wherever possible we source components and materials from as nearby as possible.  For example, our “classic” pick holders are made in Chichester, our “deluxe” pick holders are made over in Littlehampton and our sound hole guards are made in Portsmouth itself.

Fretfunk Limited was incorporated in 2010 but many of the ideas for the company have been around a lot longer than that.  In fact, the first sketches of Fretfunk products were made in 1990!

We have been selling online and through retailers since early 2011, but this online store has only launched in 2012.  We felt that we needed to offer our customers the best experience we could, the best information on our products that we could, and the most reliable service.  That’s why we have taken control of the sales and delivery of our products ourselves.  We hope you are as excited by our products as we are!