European Guitar Builders



The bespoke hand made guitar has emerged as a strong alternative to the factory made instruments widely available. The European Guitar Builders (EGB) is an alliance formed by professional independent European luthiers, striving to support musicians in expressing and developing their art through collaborating closely with them, thereby fostering the European musical culture.

The instruments presented at The Birmingham Guitar Show range from expensive and exclusive basses by today’s foremost builders to rugged working musician’s tools, designed for daily use on the stage or on the road.




Alan Cringean runs a one man operation that came in to being in June 2006 in the form of AC Guitars with Reiver Guitars being launched in 2016. Working on his own designs and developing proprietary electronics,pickups,hardware and the use of new materials the goal has always been to produce the best instruments possible. This continues to be the driving force behind AC Guitars/Reiver Guitars..

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Adrian Lucas lives in Lincoln, England. He builds flat-top steel string guitars, classicals and electrics to his own unique designs. He aims to create instruments that are very responsive to the individual player’s style. Most of his guitars are made using local and reclaimed woods with sustainability in mind.




The luthier Daniel Cabezas is who attends this small workshop located in Arganda del Rey, city of Madrid (Spain).

The philosophy of Bacce® Custom Guitars is to build exceptional musical instruments, taking in account the expectations and desires of our customers; being faithfull to the ideals of a 100% handmade production that reflects the enthusiasm and dedication that they put into each work. The most high quality wood selection and hardware, in addition to an exclusive dedication to the customer, make the base for this growing brand. The attention to each detail, and of course, the final success with the instruments are the keys to make the musicial feel comfortable and cared within all the process.




Fabulous masterbuilt guitars




“Mastermade custom guitars with enhanced playability, vibrant tones, and modern design.”


HJ Williams


After nearly twenty years of building instruments at a professional level I am still learning my craft. Similar in a sense to how a musician is constantly learning, there is always something you haven’t played or heard. I use my experiences as a luthier to draw on materials, designs and construction techniques to produce the best instruments I can.




Diego Vila Custom Guitars

Combining the most traditional handbuilding methods, with cutting-edge technology; classic design with innovations and contemporary developments, Diego Vila builds unique instruments, which seem to have been discovered in an old and forgotten chest, and which make you wonder if they are a new instrument or if you have seen it before, but cannot remember where.




JHG Guitars was founded by Hans Geerdink in 1992.

JHG Guitars are mostly made to order. Made by hand, using both vintage and modern tools and technologies.Using only the highest quality parts and materials.
Over the years Hans has build a small collection of exotic woods for that special build. He produces his own pickups that are complementing to that distinct JHG sound.
Finishing is also one of his specialties, stunning bursts, coolest opaque colors and crystal clear topcoats.
Buffed to a very high gloss or in a dead flat, paper thin matte finish.Wherever the design allows, Hans tries to incorporate ecologically sustainable materials like local wood species and modern waterborne finishes.





“I started out as a luthier because I had this fantasy about meeting fascinating people, enjoying exciting music and creating instruments people would love. Now let me tell you what really happened: Exactly that.“