Diezel Amps



What makes Diezel amps one of the most sought after brands in the industry?  The first thing to strike you may be lack of noise. The quality of construction allows for one of the quietest range of amps, all achieved by tube and hand assembled top notch components.

The clean channels produce some of the most dazzling sparkly clean sounds you will ever hear. You might be forgiven for thinking it had some chorus or reverb mixed in to wet things up. The racier gain stages are nothing short of staggering. Bluesy leads, Texas Crunch, Classic Rock, through to Mega & beyond. The lead is – ahem – a lead sound at its best. What’s more each amp has a different approach to the overall sound with complementary features. Some amps have midi, the Herbert has a brutal mid cut function and the VH4 has a Stereo option. We never said the choice would be easy.

Last but not least, Diezel UK takes care of their customers.