Custom Pedal Boards

Custom Pedal Boards

MISSION : To make the lightest, strongest, highest quality cases possible, to protect your valuable items.

COMPANY OVERVIEW : Specialist range of pedalboards/flightcases made to order. Made to your requirements by expert craftsmen using finest quality materials. Made by musicians for musicians! Besides making flightcases for pedalboards, amps, speakers, instruments, mixers, lights, rack gear etc. We also make flightcases for guns, fishing, models, photography, shipping, you name it! We can make anything you require at competitive prices.

ABOUT US : Based in sunny N.Wales. Chris, company owner/designer, has been playing in bands since the 90’s and over the years has bought/sold and collected many guitars, amps & pedals. Along the way he has learnt that all these things need protecting properly but with a system designed for quick and easy set up/break down at gigs.

George, company carpenter, has been working in the trade since the 60’s and is an expert craftsman. if he cant make it, it aint worth making!

We love music, we love the things that help create it. We want you to have the best protection for your equipment. We know it can be fragile and very expensive, especially older vintage gear! So if you have a rare/vintage amp? But just play it at home? Want to take it out and gig with it but scared of damaging it? Why not protect it with one of our custom made flight cases. Vintage & Rare amps a speciality. Enjoy piece of mind without the worry!

We can design and make that custom pedalboard you’ve always dreamed of, from functionality to power supplies to patch cables. Full custom bespoke options. We can quite confidently say our pedal boards are of the best quality in the world! We make internal designs especially suited to the GigRig® switching pedals & other formats such as Bright Onion Pedals who make some of the best affordable true bypass loop switchers, buffers & ABY pedals. If you would like a patchbox interface, with or with out buffer, installed into your custom pedal board please check out

Custom pedal boards can supply any of the GigRig® or bright onion products.

Cant solder you patch cables for your board? We custom make high quality patch cables using premium USA made Evidence Audio cable & Switchcraft, Neutrik or Kirlin Jacks. If you require any other brand of cable or jacks please get intouch.