Brelliott Amps


Brelliott Amps create bespoke hand-built equipment for professional musicians.

We make high-end, boutique, studio and tour amps; refined designs with solid, simple yet innovative electronic designs, combined with skilfully crafted hardwood cabinets, and those 70s curves…!

A majority of builds are made to order, though there are usually a few in stock.  You can specify pretty much any part, as long as they’re available, and they are up to the job. You also have a choice of build type, from point-to-point, tag strip, turret board, PCB, or pretty much any hybrid.

We also build FX units, audio processors, and guitar pedals, one of which, the TODP, appeared on That Pedal Show’s “Our Fave Things of the Year 2023”.

We work for some of the UK’s top bands, studios, and stores, and just love vintage gear.