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ACS Custom – Serious About Sound.
Custom Hearing Protection & In-Ear Monitors.

Everyone at ACS understands their responsibility in safeguarding your most precious asset in music – your sense of hearing.  It’s a role we take very seriously and we take great pride in the knowledge that, over the years ACS have helped many thousands of musicians and music lovers. We do look after the ears of the stars!

ACS are proud to be back at THE Guitar Show,  plus our experts will be on hand at the exhibition to provide professional help and guidance on protecting your hearing and take ear impressions for orders of new custom moulded earplugs or in-ear monitors.

ACS was established as a dedicated hearing conservation company with a mission to supply, develop and manufacture products that protect the hearing of people whose livelihoods depend on working in dangerously high sound levels. Based in the UK, ACS has formed partnerships with other world leaders from the field of hearing conservation and has developed cutting edge products that have helped people all around the globe to safe guard their hearing. For more information, go to