The Guitar Show Moves Venue

The Guitar Show is moving to a new venue.

I suspect that unless you are a Birmingham resident you won’t have seen the news that a few weeks ago, The New Bingley Hall was destroyed by a fire. Routine maintenance of the roof by an external contractor caused a massive fire with 18 Fire Engines and 100 Fire Fighters in attendance.

I have run events at TNBH for over a decade and my heart goes out to the team there. I paid a visit to survey the damage and the team were broken by it. Whilst this is an inconvenience for The Guitar Show, this is their livelihood. They have so far cancelled over 50 events and have no re-opening date whilst they await the surveyors report.

A new Birmingham venue has been secured for the same dates (February 25-26, 2023). The Guitar Show will now be held at Cranmore Park, in Shirley.

The layout will be approximately the same, with the benefit of the Acoustic Hall now being also on the Ground Floor.

The venue understands music shows, having hosted last week’s successful BPM Show (DJ gear). Cranmore Park is approximately 2 miles from J4 of the M42 with over 550 car parking spaces available.