The Guitar Show Guitar

The Guitar Show Guitar



Here we go… I wanted to do something different this year, rather than put a manufacturer’s guitar on the artwork, I thought lets make one (all of us). I wanted it to be uniquely British, so I asked some of our best builders to help me. Williams Guitars will make the neck Crimson Guitars the body Oil City pickups will obviously provide the pickups, Grainger Guitars provide the hardware and it will be finished by Rob Williams Guitars, along the way I’m going to ask you what direction we should go in, then we will give away the guitar at the show in 2020.

I’ll be updating as we go along, so I hope that you will all get involved in making The Guitar Show Guitar. The sheer quality of the makers will ensure that we get a killer guitar by February. First vote later this month will be for Maple or Rosewood.

The artwork will update as we go, so the final adverts will be the finished guitar. Cheers everyone, lets do this