A Rundown of Luke Morley’s Rig – 26th February

On the Reverb Live Stage Sunday 26th February

Luke Morley will be chatting through his gear with 9-42 Podcast host, Ant Short


Luke Morley is the lead guitarist, songwriter, producer and founder member of Thunder, one of the UK’s most loved rock bands over the last thirty years.

With fourteen albums to their name including ‘Backstreet Symphony’, ‘Laughing On Judgement Day’ and most recently the critically acclaimed ‘Dopamine’, the band have accumulated and maintained a large and loyal fan base since the early nineties. The success of the band’s recent UK Arena tour is a testament to the band’s enduring popularity.

Over the years Luke has also found time to keep himself busy elsewhere; a long friendship with Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor resulted in Japanese and American tours with The Power Station during the nineties and in 2018 Black Star Riders invited Luke to step in as a temporary guitar player for a South American tour with old friends Ricky Warwick and Scott Gorham.

When Thunder ceased to be in April 2000 Luke released a solo album ‘El Gringo Retro’ and then a year later teamed up with Thunder vocalist Danny Bowes to record two albums that revealed their more soulful musical leanings, ‘Moving Swiftly Along’ and Mo’s Barbeque’.

During Thunder’s second hiatus in 2009, along with singer/songwriter Peter Shoulder, Luke launched a project named appropriately ‘The Union’. Originally intended to be a single album venture, the partnership proved to be more popular than anticipated and ended up with the duo releasing three albums in four years. Shortly after this Luke returned to a reinvigorated Thunder to write and record the comeback album ‘Wonder Days’ in 2014.

Luke has also managed to find the time in recent years to co-write and produce two albums for Scottish rockers The Amorettes (2016’s ‘White Hot Heat’ and in 2018 ‘Born To Break’) and collaborate with former Mostly Autumn singer Heather Findlay on her debut solo album ‘Wild White Horses’.

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