John Connearn


John Connearn, otherwise known as ‘Digital John’, is a guitarist, composer, and producer from The Midlands, U.K. At the turn of the decade, John began his solo career in 2020 with his debut release ‘First Things First’, and has since followed this up with single and EP releases that have all caught the attention of the modern musician community. Whilst collaborating with an ever-growing list of musicians and brands, John continues to release music, perform worldwide, as well as represent companies online – recently working with Disney, The BAFTAs, Neural DSP, Chapman Guitars, and Andertons Music Co.John will be performing original music, describing his work with Neural DSP, and how he integrates modern technology into his workflow as a guitar player.


The Presentation will be about:
  • Using digital modellers in tandem with traditional amplifiers
  • Changing tuning in realtime with Quad Cortex
  • Writing/producing music with a digital workflow
  • Using Acoustic Guitars with modern technology
  • Using plugins to access new guitar tones and routing possibilities