Irene Ketikidi


Irene Ketikidi rose to fame with her live performance of “Rambler” at Steve Vai’s 2010 Guitar Nation Masterclass in London. She has since then released two solo albums, toured internationally with various artists, and made a name for herself as a fierce lead player. The iconic Young Guitar Magazine has included Irene in the “Heroines of Now” column in 2014 and she has been featured in numerous webzines like Guitar World, Guitar Interactive and the Sound Guitar Magazine. Her debut album “Martial Arts and Magic Tricks” [2013] has been complimented by the likes of Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Nita Strauss and David Kilminster.

Irene released her highly anticipated second solo album “A Sky For All” in 2018, and is currently working on producing a new record. Over the years, she has participated as a recording artist in many albums and bands including The Black Capes [gothic metal], Sober on Tuxedos [metal], Jozette [pop] and Lia Hide [art pop]. An alumni of London’s prestigious ICMP herself, Irene has also been featured as a guitar instructor at and at Gibson’s official Guitar app.

Irene has gigged as a session player with a wide range of artists [metal, pop, country, hip hop], toured extensively with The Femones and Back:N:Black tribute acts, was the lead guitarist for London’s West End play “Julius Caesar” directed by Phyllida Lloyd CBE, and most recently with the renowned Kamerata orchestra for Jon Lord’s tribute concert at the Music Hall of Athens led by the award‐winning conductor George Petrou. In 2019, she performed as the opening act for Nick Johnston’s solo show in Athens, and in June of the same year as a guest with Nita Strauss at her Chance Theater [NY] concert.