Live Stage

The Live Stage is Powered by RCF PA


11.00 Marshall Amplification Presents Steve Smith

12.00 Vigier Presents Mary Spender

13.00 Guitar & Bass Magazine hosts “Meet Your Maker” Tim Mills (Bare Knuckle) Adrian Emsley (Orange Amps) Adrian Thorpe (Thorpy FX) Patrick James Eggle, presented by Chris Vinnicombe

14.00 Fender Presents American Professional

15.00 Line 6 Presents Paul Hindmarsh with Helix

16.00 SIMS / Enfield Present The Stationary Bones



11.00 Roland/BOSS presents Alex Hutchings

12.00 Laney Presents Lee Wrathe & Paul Glover

13.00 The Story Of Guitar Heroes

14.00 JoanOvArc

15.00 Patrick James Eggle Presents Krissy Mathews